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Our Cinetopia:DOC strand brings together documentary film enthusiasts and filmmakers online to watch, discuss and connect around the genre and craft. Check out the films in the series below and watch them through our new  Eventive Virtual Portal- HERE!



IN THE LIGHT, directed by Susan Kemp – 20 Sept 7 pm BST

Sometimes you need to look squint at history to see the women in it — they so often have not been documented, recorded, or commemorated. Today, there are still huge disparities in gender equality, equal pay being a prime example. This massive issue is explored through the lens of the story of the Edinburgh Seven (the first women to study medicine in Britain, but who were prevented from graduating) and a recent day project fighting for their recognition. It is a production that features predominantly women, and in doing so the film does what it’s making clear is so often neglected — documenting and commemorating women well worth remembering.

The screening will be followed by a live Q&A with filmmaker Susan Kemp and curator Alison Lacey.

Check out the trailer below! 

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This film programme was curated by Alison Lacey




In August 2020, Cinetopia was excited to present Love Your Local, a programme of documentaries and curated discussion ONLINE exploring the significance of community.

At a time where social distancing has imposed huge changes to our social habits, this programme intends to explore different aspects of the importance of finding yourself being part of a community. Born at the intersection between someone’s needs and someone else’s willingness to help, the communities depicted in these films are extraordinary examples of people’s desire to support each other and be connected, and show us how in these gatherings one can find friendship, support, and a sense of belonging. 

Love Your Local was  part of Film FeelsConnected, a UK-wide cinema season, supported by the National Lottery and BFI Film Audience Network. Explore all films and events at 

Love Your Local is also supported by Film Hub Scotland, part of the BFI’s Film Audience Network, and funded by Screen Scotland and National Lottery funding from the BFI.

LLEVATE MIS AMORES + Q&A SUNDAY 2ND AUGUST Arturo González Villaseñor / Mexico / 2014 / 90’ / certificate TBC

La Patrona is a Mexican village situated by the tracks of a train known as “The Beast”, that brings many migrants from Central America across the border to the US. There, since 1995, a group of local women spend their days preparing food and tossing it towards the migrants as the train rushes by, in the hope of helping them in their long journey.

The film will be followed by a Q&A with the film director, Arturo González Villaseñor.


CENTRAL AIRPORT THF 16th AUGUST 7 PM online screening directed by Karim Aïnouz / Germany / 2018 / 100’ / certificate TBC

Berlin’s historic defunct Tempelhof Airport remains a place of arrivals and departures. Today its massive hangars are used as Germany’s largest emergency shelter for asylum seekers, like 18-year-old Syrian refugee Ibrahim. As Ibrahim adjusts to his transitory daily life of social services interviews, German lessons and medical exams, he tries to cope with homesickness and the anxiety of whether or not he will gain residency or be deported.

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LAST OF THE MOHICANS + Q&A SUNDAY 9 AUGUST Max Ploeg / Netherlands / 2019 / 48’ / certificate TBC

The mobile supermarket in this heartwarming portrait is run by Tonny, a doggedly determined woman who will stop at nothing to help her needy neighbours, even when she’s struggling with her own huge debts.

The film will be followed by a Q&A with the film director Max Ploeg.

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DAGUERREOTYPES screening + online discussion 23RD AUG directed by Agnés Varda / France / 1976 / 80’ / certificate TBC

In 1976, Agnes Varda explored the daily lives of small business owners and shopkeepers in her neighbourhood, along a short trait of Rue Daguerre. The result is a heartfelt and absolutely charming portrait of a small community in the heart of Paris. The screening will be followed by a special discussion with Rebecca DeRoo, Associate Professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology and Agnès Varda connoisseur.

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Love Your Local – from the Comfort of Your Home: The Making of an Online Film Programme by Betty Stojnić

Betty Stojnić interviews Love Your Local co-curators about conceiving a new, online series for Cinetopia:DOC

Daguerreotypes, Agnès Varda, by So Mayer

So Mayer traces a brilliant outline of the social and historical context in which Varda shot Daguerréotypes.

The Driving Force of A Community: Laaste de Mohikanen / Last Of The Mohicans By Milo Farragher-Hanks

Milo Farragher-Hanks reviews our second film in our documentary series, Love Your Local, showcasing how this film tackles questions around the benefits and definitions of the idea of a community

Interview with Arturo González Villaseñor, director of “Llévate mis amores”

 Arturo González Villaseñor photo credit Arturo González Villaseñor, director of "Llévate mis Amores," first film in our online programme LOVE YOUR LOCAL answers our questions from Mexico City  (questions and translations by Love...

Introducing CINETOPIA:DOC – Love Your Local

Curators Amaya Bañuelos Marco and Federica Pugliese introduce our new online programme of documentaries and curated online discussion exploring the significance of community.

Love Your Local was curated by: 

Amaya Bañuelos Marco

Amaya Bañuelos Marco

works as an education tutor for young people with complex needs as well as an independent film curator. She has curated and produced various film events in Edinburgh and Glasgow, including a year-long documentary programme taking place in different communities in Edinburgh. She has also worked as a film programme consultant for several festivals, including Take One Action FF, Sheffield Doc/Fest,  and BFI London FF
Federica Pugliese

Federica Pugliese

is a film marketer and independent film curator. She worked for Eden Court and the Inverness Film Festival from 2017 to 2019, and has worked in a variety of roles for other festivals including Edinburgh Short Film Festival and Milano Film Festival. Currently, she is working on producing and curating a short film programme on period poverty, and has recently joined the Lago Film Fest team.


INLAND SEA - Monday 2nd of September, 7PM @ Edinburgh Film Guild Cinema

This September Cinetopia:DOC is proud to present the Edinburgh premiere of Kazuhiro Soda’s INLAND SEA (Minatomachi, 2018), screened as part of Edinburgh Scalarama! Deemed as one of the masters of contemporary documentary filmmaking, Soda’s method and style follow a strict set of self-established commandments, resulting in a unified style of documentaries that provide an unprecedented access to the subjects and take the viewers on an emotional exploration to the Japanese psyche, culture and landscape.

Soda’s style is strictly observational, keeping the camera rolling and letting the subjects slowly open up to the audiences. The concurring characters in his documentaries are cats, but the focus of his films lays on the intimate and humane portraits of the characters he is following. Soda’s films form intimate bonds between the subjects and the viewer, unearthing incredible stories and capturing highly emotional moments on camera.

Inland Sea (2018) looks at a dying fishing village in rural Japan, and follows its townsfolk through their daily routines, discovering not only the stories of the people but also displaying the slowly disappearing culture and community of the town.

Check out the trailer for the film here!

Book your ticket here, and join us at the Edinburgh Film Guild on 2nd of September at 7pm for a trip to this Japanese seaside town, its culture, inhabitants and cats!

This film programme was curated by Serena Scateni.


JULY 2019

RYUICHI SAKAMOTO: CODA – Monday 2nd of September, 7PM @ Edinburgh Film Guild Cinema

Cinetopia: DOC returns with a stunning tribute to legendary musician and film composer Ryuichi Sakamoto with Stephen Nomura Schible’s Ryuichi Sakamoto: CODA!

Alongside his work with the Yellow Magic Orchestra, Sakamoto’s film scores include those for Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, The Last Emperor, and The Revenant.

Check out the trailer below!

Book your ticket here, and join us at the Edinburgh Film Guild on 8th July at 7pm for another round of documentary and discussion!

This film programme was curated by Andy Danet. 


MAY 2019

DEAD GOOD by Rehana Rose - Monday 13th of May, 7PM @ Edinburgh Film Guild Cinema

Please note that this event is now sold out!

 For our second Cinetopia:Doc screening, we will be showing the new documentary Dead Good from Brighton filmmaker, Rehana Rose.

It is an intimate portrait of those dealing with their dead in modern Britain, supported by a team of women who are ‘giving death back to the people’ and enabling participation during the ritual of care.

“Rose’s patient, observational style lets her get right to the heart of these very personal matters. In doing so, she creates a safe space for viewers to explore issues they might previously have avoided.” – Jenni Kermode

We will be joined by the filmmaker, Rehana Rose for a post-screening Q&A. Rose has made several independent short films before embarking on Dead Good, her first feature documentary. The film will be screened at the beginning of Good Death Week. From May 13-19, people across Scotland will work to promote more open and supportive attitudes to death, dying and bereavement.

Check out the film trailer here!

Book your tickets in advance here to secure your seat!

This film programme was curated by Alison Lacey and Ally Lantz

APRIL 2019

FACES PLACES (Visages Villages) by Agnés Varda and JR Monday 8th of April, 7PM @ Edinburgh Film Guild Cinema

It is with a heavy heart but in joyful celebration of a life’s work that we announce our Cinetopia: DOC screening of Agnes Varda’s Visages Villages (Faces Places) on Monday 8th of April in Edinburgh Film Guild Cinema.

When planning Cinetopia’s new documentary strand earlier this year, we thought what better way to start than with one of our personal favourites from one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, Agnès Varda. Sadly, recently we were struck with the news of her passing. Yet, we still believe there is no better way to spend an evening than in the radiant presence of Varda, immersing oneself in her vision, admiring her artistry and honouring her legacy, and we would love to have you join us for a screening and a discussion of all things Agnès.

We will screen one of our favourites, the academy award nominated Faces Places (Visages Villages), directed by Varda in collaboration with the visual artist JR. Faces Places is a heart-warming journey through rural France, documenting its people, its stories and the friendships and memories made along the way.

We will be joined by Francois Giraud from the University of Edinburgh, an expert in French post-New Wave Cinema and the influence of other arts in Varda’s filmmaking. In true Cinetopia fashion, the screening will feature an introduction to Varda’s work and a lively discussion after the screening.

There’ll be a small ticket price of £5 (+ ticeting fee) to cover the cost of the licensing of the film. We strongly encourage you to book your tickets in advance on our Eventbrite page to secure your spot as the Film Guild cinema is quite small (approx 25 seats).

Here is the link:

This programme was curated by Cinetopia co-Founders, Amanda Rogers and Anni Asikainen.