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Interview with Reid Davenport, Director of “I Didn’t See You There” at #EIFF22

Interview by Amaya Bañuelos Marco The beautiful and urgent documentary I Didn’t See You There, is playing at Edinburgh this weekend as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival. The film, which premiered in Sundance earlier this year, is an incredible...

“Where to?”: The Landscapes of International Film Festival Rotterdam by Betty Stojnić

Our regular contributor, Betty Stojnić, attended the online portion of International Film Festival Rotterdam and gives us her take.

Love Your Local – from the Comfort of Your Home: The Making of an Online Film Programme by Betty Stojnić

Betty Stojnić interviews Love Your Local co-curators about conceiving a new, online series for Cinetopia:DOC

Daguerreotypes, Agnès Varda, by So Mayer

So Mayer traces a brilliant outline of the social and historical context in which Varda shot Daguerréotypes.

The Driving Force of A Community: Laaste de Mohikanen / Last Of The Mohicans By Milo Farragher-Hanks

Milo Farragher-Hanks reviews our second film in our documentary series, Love Your Local, showcasing how this film tackles questions around the benefits and definitions of the idea of a community

Introducing CINETOPIA:DOC – Love Your Local

Curators Amaya Bañuelos Marco and Federica Pugliese introduce our new online programme of documentaries and curated online discussion exploring the significance of community.

Bright Side of the Moon: Interview with Ravenna Nightmare’s Franco Calandrini

Elisa interviews Franco Calandrini, head of the Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival, and they discuss adapting the festival format in the post-lockdown scenario.

Where Forms Meet: Composing and Performing for Film with Aurora Engine

Betty interviews musician Aurora Engine, with whom we collaborated on Electric Muses in March.

Supplying the Light: Confinement and Isolation in Film

Befitting our current predicament, guest contributor Federica Pugliese examines films which have explored confinement and isolation.

Glasgow Film Festival 2020: A Volunteer’s Notes

A throwback to last month, in which Elisa took part as a volunteer for the Glasgow Film Festival.

Fado, Films and Good Fun: Closing Night at Iberodocs ’20

In the midst of some troubling times, Elisa shows us the light in her account from Iberodocs’ closing night.

The Berlin International Queue Festival: Dispatches from Berlinale ’20

Betty’s back from Berlinale – here are her dispatches from the field.

Oscars ’20

Elisa gives us her in-depth take on this year’s Oscars ceremony.

Business & Banter: How Networking Events Boost the Film Community

In our new feature article, Betty Stojnić explores the positive effects of film networking through our first session of 2020.

Chinese Visual Festival @ Edinburgh

Our newest contributor Elisa Teneggi takes a look at the Chinese Visual Festival’s recent visit to Edinburgh.

Cinetopia’s Favourite Films of 2019 – Part Two

Part two of our favourite films of 2019, including Joker, Marriage Story, and The Irishman.

Cinetopia’s Favourite Films of 2019 – Part One

Part one of our favourite films of 2019, based on the UK calendar of releases.

Post-Production Masterclass: Top 5 Tips

Takeaways from our recent post-production masterclass, with full audio recording.

@EIFF19: EIFF Youth

Takeaways from the EIFF Youth – opening events, Pride March, and things to come…

The British Weird Wave: an interview with Jamie Robson

In the last few years, a new group of filmmakers has emerged across the UK, including Scotland. From an output consisting of both short and feature-length productions, their films are dark, strange, sparse in dialogue and imbued with an aura of ambiguity and...