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Thoughts and updates from the Cinetopia team.

Oscars ’20

Elisa gives us her in-depth take on this year’s Oscars ceremony.

A Message from the Founders

We recently wrote this for an application we submitted, and we thought it was a good thing to share on our website-- our story, our mission, and our plans for the future! Cinetopia was formed in 2018 in Edinburgh by two female masters students from the University of...

@EIFF19: EIFF Youth

Takeaways from the EIFF Youth – opening events, Pride March, and things to come…

The British Weird Wave: an interview with Jamie Robson

In the last few years, a new group of filmmakers has emerged across the UK, including Scotland. From an output consisting of both short and feature-length productions, their films are dark, strange, sparse in dialogue and imbued with an aura of ambiguity and...